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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Voodoo doll

When the most is going is when I don't manage to write. Went for a 15km run two weeks ago, and my right knee really started to hurt about half way in. I managed to finish the run but couldn't walk down stairs for a few days afterwards. Of course that was the last long workout before the two weeks recovery prior to the half marathon. Finally did what my coach has been telling me to do for months and went to see a physiotherapist. The verdict - tight muscles and an imbalance in the leg; the quads are overpowering the inside of the leg. This is causing my knees to be pulled outward when I'm running. That explains why it keeps changing knees and I couldn't nail it down to one thing. For quick recovery she recommended IMS treatments; having needles put in to your muscles (kind of like accupuncture)to release the tension. It hurts! and I felt like a voodoo doll - hahah. A few days after the first treatment, I managed to run with only slight pain in the knee. I just went yesterday, so we'll see how it feels.

Am I stupid enough to try a half marathon this weekend?
Of course! I guess it helps to go in knowing you might not be able to finish but the thought of a dnf is a bit heartbreaking. I know this isn't THE race and I can't risk triathlon training for this half marathon, but no one likes to quit.

I promise I'll post an update on Sunday.


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