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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Recovered and back at it

Recovery week was great - 5 days of short, easier workouts (I won't call them easy because it's never easy.) I felt much better at the end of the week and ready to go. Last week consisted of hill and interval run, and a fairly long ride during the week.

The swim on Saturday was great! 40 mins,and no fatigue even though I had over indulged a little on Friday night. In the water I'm just trying to get more efficient just like everyone else.

Sunday was a 2 hour run. I felt pretty good but running on the ice is a lot of work. On Monday my quads were killing me - glad it was a rest day.

I have never been one to obsess about my weight, which is probably how I ended up so overweight in the first place, but now that I own a scale I can't help but check. This week I was down to 160.6 and body fat was 30.4%. I know all of this stuff fluctuates so I'm not putting too much in to it but it still nice to see the numbers go down.


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