This is my journey from couch to athlete.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I can't believe training for Great White North has started already. Eight months of thinking about that race. Feels just like last year except this year I know I can do the distance, now I'm just training to do it better and faster. I decided that trying to follow a "one size fits all" program doesn't work for me because of the other demands in my life. So, I've taken the big step (and gone against everything I ever said about people taking this too seriously) and hired a coach.

Week 1:
Monday - was supposed to run 40 minutes but a pain in my knee that cropped up out of nowhere last week was getting worse and worse while running so I stopped at 20mins
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - on the bike. I haven't spent much time on the trainer before this week. It's a lot harder to get my heartrate up on the bike then it is when I'm running. It felt good though and it didn't bother my knee.
Saturday - swim and bike. I was scared of this one. I haven't trained like this in months! But I did it, and like always - surprised myself. I didn't feel so good in the water but I think it's because I never bring anything to drink (duh!). The ride was great, couldn't believe I felt so good after all of my workouts this week.
Sunday - I was really worried about knee, but managed a 40 min run with no problems and heart rate in the right zone.

So far, I feel good about this but if this is week one I'm a little apprehensive about what I've agreed to. I think this is going to pay off though. I came in with the goal of finishing GWN under 8 hours but I'll set a more definite goal closer to race day. The ART seems to have worked as well! The glute muscle is still a little tight but I feel much better.


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