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Monday, September 25, 2006

Melissa's - now that's a PB!

Went to Banff for the Melissa's 22km race this weekend. I felt completely unprepared since I didn't train for this race.

At package pick-up we're told that the course had to be cut to 20.2kms because there was a mother bear and cubs seen on a portion of the course. Can't say I was really disappointed about that.

Race day: the weather looked overcast but once we started walking to the start line it cleared up and looked like it was going to be pretty warm (wish I would have worn shorts). Lawrence and I had decided to run this one together. The last time he ran a race with me was my first ever 5km. The first 5km felt really good, I only took walk breaks when I felt I really needed them (which coincidentally happened on every uphill). At 9km I realized I was going to do a PB for 10km. I usually run 10km in 1:20 but I was at about 1:07 at the 9km point and managed to finish the first 10km in about 1:15! As the kms wore on I noticed the bottom of my feet were really starting to hurt. The pain was across my arches on both feet. I have found that the insoles I use in my shoes seem to put too much pressure on my arches but only on runs over 15kms. My left hip was a little sore but not bad. Pressed on through the next 9km, just walking the uphills. I knew today was going to be a PB for the records. On the last km I was wearing out a bit and took a short walk with only 500m to go. Once I could see the finish line I started running, going for the sprint to the finish when I realized that the race does not finish at the giant start/finish banner (whose idea was that???) but you have another 100m to run. I kept running but really picked it up when I saw my running partner cheering for me (she challenges me to sprint the finish of every training run) so I had to sprint it for her. Crossed the line and couldn't believe my watch....2:28:32!!!!! My best time for a half marathon before this was 2:54 - now that's a Personal Best!! I couldn't believe it. The company was great too - Lawrence is a pretty good running partner. Capped off the race with the free beer and enjoyed the fantastic day.

A picture with the gang from Runningmania


  • At 5:40 PM, Blogger eastglen77 said…

    wow....u r an inspiration kerry..hope i can match ur effort in victoria!..i'll be lucky if i do



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