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Monday, September 04, 2006

Back in training

After the death race, I had a pretty good run on the Wednesday. Then took some time off for a vacation to Vancouver Island with a stop to visit friends in Penticton at Ironman Canada. It was fantastic to see the IM atmosphere and the expo-shame we couldn't stay for the race though. I would have loved to watch it.

Here is my photo for inspiration...

This week, it was back to training. Melissa's 22km is only 3 weeks away!
Monday - 1hr yoga for athletes. This has gotten easier but I am still following the "easy" guy. I don't have anywhere near the kind of flexibility of the other two levels.
Wednesday - ran 5km with a PB!!!!! 35:05. I really need to make the Wednesday count and work on some speed. I know I'm faster, it's just buried underneath my fear of pain or discomfort. I have to learn to push through and start working towards a 30min 5km.
Thursday - cycling!! did about 50km (just over 2 hours) with some friends. It was a great ride but I now know 100% that my bike is the cause of my shoulder pain. Glad I solved that mystery, shame it's going to cost over $2000 for a new bike but I think I will see the benefits of spending the money.
Sunday - 14km. Forgot to take my garmin so I don't have the average pace. It took us about 2:15 to finish. I felt pretty good but had to stop and walk at one point I got this strange pain right behind my right knee. It radiated down my calf. I stopped to walk for a bit and it seemed to clear up. Just noting this in case I have some problems later - then I'll know when it started.

It was a great week of training! I feel good so I think the rest was worthwhile. I felt guilty not training but I think it was worth it.


  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger Heather said…

    Wow - congrats on your 5 K PB - that's an amazing time!


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