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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Don't eat and ride!

Normally I do my week in order, but thought a picture of the highlight was a better place to start. This is the top of a 5km hike we did in Jasper on Saturday.

I couldn't make it to run club so I decided to burn off some steam at lunch time.

Wednesday - ran 6km with way more walking then I wanted. Combination of the heat, eating 3 slices of pizza right before I went, starting too quickly and just having a lot of bad runs lately. Did a few hills within this run but that was the only success.

Thursday - ran a few kms with a friend. This was great! No stress about times or mileage - just went out to enjoy each others company and have a nice run together. I have to do this more often.

Saturday - the above mentioned hike in Jasper with some friends, with a soak in the hot springs afterwards. This part was the final climb before the top. This was fantastic.

Sunday - Tour de l'alberta in 34c! My very first 100km ride. I'm not sure about riding time because there were 2 rest stops and a lunch stop - we were out there for 5hrs 18mins. The event was well organized with lots of food but the water was a little warm by the last rest stop - kind of hard to control in that weather though. Everything went great for the first 60km - I rode with a friend and we were having fun. Stopped for lunch and then it all went downhill - note to self, I cannot eat and ride. After the 1/4 sub, my stomach was killing me and we were riding in to a really hot head wind which made you even thirstier. At the 84km rest stop I told my friend I was done. He said there is no way you are DNFing this close to the end and convinced me to get back on my bike. It was tough but I finished! I think it wouldn't have been very much fun if he hadn't of stayed with me - THANKS AGAIN G!!!(This is the same person that spent 10 months telling me I could do the halfim!)


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