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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Can my shoulder make it?

For the last few months I've been having problems with my shoulder. This was the week that I finally couldn't make it through a workout because of it. So far I've been able to tough it out and keep going, but during the swim I only made it about half way back before I had a pain along the outside of my right arm. The pain was bad enough that I couldn't lift my right hand out of the water. I made it back with sidestroke and dog paddle.

I know it's my fault because I've put this off for so long. I'm sure if I go see a sports dr the first thing they are going to do is tell me to stop training. It's not the best attitude but I figured if I could just make it past this race I can get my shoulder fixed after. For 10 months I've thought about this race almost every day. I didn't want to give up attempting it. So, what do I do now? I have an appointment with my regular dr for a checkup next week, and I would like to a referral to a sports dr (because I don't trust her with sports related issues.) I won't be in to see a dr before the race. I could go back to my RMT and see if he can do anything. Maybe accupuncture? I think the plan is to call my RMT and hope he can do something. I would like to still try the race and see how it holds up; it may mean a DNF in the water but at least I tried. It will be a bit of a heartbreak but it's only one race. There will certainly be plenty of others (if I take care of myself so I can continue to do this).

Training for this week:
Wednesday - ran 5km (37mins) and felt pretty good
Thursday - ultraconditioning workout
Friday - skipped swimming because I thought my shoulder couldn't take 2 days in a row
Saturday - swam for an hour and then biked for 2 hours in really high winds (it sucked). The biking didn't bother my shoulder, as soon as I got out of the water it wasn't too bad. I was surprised at how tired my legs were from the swim.
Sunday - ran 16km (avge pace 8:40), did a little trail running (walking up the large hills). It was really nice but slowed me down. Had some stomach (dry heaving) issues again. I think it's the gels because I always have this problem over 10km which is also when I start taking gels.

This really wasn't my week!


  • At 7:54 AM, Blogger Running~Jordan said…

    What about ART? I really like Dr. Yee at Strathcona Chiro - he's treated my husband and some friends for various sports related issues. He's an athlete himself (I was on his team for the MS Tour and he's also super nice)....

    Yee Doug Dr
    (780) 434-7900
    10453 84 Avenue NW
    Edmonton, AB T6E 2H3
    1.5 km S - Directions

  • At 5:31 PM, Blogger Kerry said…

    Thanks Jordan. I've got an appointment with my RMT on Wednesday. He also does ART. I just aked him to do whatever he needs to to get me to race day.

  • At 7:38 AM, Blogger eastglen77 said…

    hey k...check that shoulder out....i've been having some major r-cuff stuff going on as well...but figure,with the kids outa school, i probably have time for 1, maybe 2 more think a break may be all i need....heck on race day, it'll just be about 40 minutes in the water, then the rest is in de feet!
    cheer up, it'll be over soon....then we can spend the summer bragging, showing off our t-shirt, and telling every 1 we know, yes, i am, 1/2 an ironman



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