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Friday, July 07, 2006

Pain is temporary, pride is forever!!!!

The day after the race, my hips were so sore it was tough to walk. I'm not sure if it's because I walked so much during the race and have never trained to do that, or if it's just muscle soreness.

Went for a post race massage on Tuesday - that was great. The RMT was surprise that my muscles weren't that sore. They were a little sore, but it was really just my hips that hurt. Wednesday-felt a little better and could actually walk normally again.

It's Friday and now I'm ready to start thinking about training again. I can even think about riding my bike!

4 weeks until the Death Race. I'm not planning any real specific training for this (and I'm sure I'm going whine about that stupid decision after the race). I just want to go out and have fun at the death race. I'll remember to remind myself of that when I'm running up a mountainside in the middle of the night!

I'm also looking at a fun 100km ride for the Tour de l'Aberta on July 23. A few people have mentioned Summerside triathlon, but I'll make that a last minute decision once we've decided what we're doing for our vacation and how I feel after the Death Race.

For now, I'm going to revel in my accomplishment a little longer and go set up an appointment for the new tattoo. After a lot of discussion and thought, I have decided against half of the Ironman Canada tattoo (I'll save that and get the whole one when I do the race). I want to get a turtle, with the 3 tri sports in the shell and the saying off the GWN medal "Fortes Soli Superant" (means only the strong survive) around the outside with 01/04 underneath, which is the month and year I changed my life and started running. It's probably going to be fairly large and I'll put it on my thigh about an inch above the knee.


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