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Sunday, November 12, 2006


For the past two weeks I have been going to active release therapy (ART). Decided it was a good time to get this nagging hip/glute pain looked at. It's a somewhat painful way to spend 20 minutes but I do feel better afterwards. The chiropractor has noticed an issue with my hip joint and adjusted the left side. A week later I was out for a nice easy run and suddenly my knee on my right side started to hurt. The pain is underneath the knee cap and kind of feels like it is out of place. Went back for ART two days after that, mentioned the knee pain and he worked on it for a bit. It's two days later and the pain in the knee still comes and goes. I skipped running today and decided to do 40 mins on my bike instead. I still have some pain on my left side, mainly in the glute (running down the back of my leg)

We'll see what this week at chiro brings.


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