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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

10% loss!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted, so I'm a little behind.

After my last post, I had my first recovery week. Still 5 days of training but much shorter/lighter sessions. That week felt great! Now it's been two weeks of six days (3 run/3 bike/1 swim) for about 6 hours a week. I've been really tired! But the workouts feel pretty good.

So, about the 10% - last night after running for 50 minutes, I decided to weigh myself (on the same weight style scale I used 4 weeks ago.) Of course I automatically put the large weight on 150 and start sliding the small one to 16 since that's where I was a month ago. I didn't even realize that at 150 it was already too heavy. I'm sliding the small one back, and back until it's at 0. I just stood there staring at it. It can't be....150lbs???? I've lost 16lbs in 4 weeks!

For some reason, I always thought I'd be pretty slim at 150. I guess I had no recollection of what I looked like at 150. Checked with the coach, made sure it's ok and not unhealthy to drop that fast. It's all good and I'm one happy camper!


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