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Sunday, January 14, 2007

One week at a time

Right now the days are filled with work, training and family. I look at how busy I am at 7.5 hours a week for training and try not to think about what those upcoming 15 hour weeks are going to be like. We bought a treadmill so I now have the convenience of being able to get a run in at any time. It's an expensive but fun toy.

The last two weeks now include hill workouts and pushing bigger gears on the bike. Last week I felt really good and couldn't believe I could still comfortably run by Sunday. At the end of week 2, my legs were making it really obvious that they did not want to run today. I know outside runs in the winter are a lot tougher but one of the reasons I do this is because of the great friends I've made, so I hate to miss out on the Sunday group run (and coffee of course.) Now it's recovery week - yay!!! The two weeks up, one down program works well for me because I only ever focus on a few weeks at a time. Thinking too far ahead just creates anxiety. Although my hopes are high that I'm going to feel MUCH better on the run this year.

In just over a month I'll be out doing the hypothermic half again. It's funny, when I bonk or have a bad run on a course I have to go back and do it again. We'll see what this year brings...

On the weight thing - I'm convinced that the scale that gave me the glorious 150 was broken. It has mysteriously disappeared from the gym and no other scale seems to agree. 150 would have been nice. We bought a body fat composition scale, so now I have one scale to use. Current numbers: weight 165.5lbs and body fat% 34. At the end of the day, it's the body fat I want to go down more than the weight - 165lbs of pure muscle is fine with me.


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