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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Riding in February???

Before I go on about training for the last couple of weeks, I want to start by saying; I took my bike out today!!! I had to get a picture since riding in February is pretty rare.

Training has been good.
Last Sunday Feb 4 - got a flat tire on the way so missed my 18km run. Came home and biked 50km in 90mins on stationary instead.

Monday Feb 5 - swam 1400m in 42 mins

Tuesday Feb 6 - first ever speedwork session. 6x400m. It went well, I was consistent and finished all of the reps quite a bit under the time given based on my goal of finishing the half in 2:50mins. The 400 repeats should have been at 2:45 but I did them in about 2:10.

Wednesday Feb 7- my legs were sore from the speedwork (felt good at the time, but not so good the next day) so I skipped running and did yoga. Felt much better afterwards.

Sunday Feb 12 - 18km lsd, felt really good today. Was getting tired at the end but felt good. The weather was so beautiful, I seized the opportunity to take my bike our for a few kms when I got home. I feel a lot better after the long runs this time around.

One thing I don't like about speedwork is, it builds expectations for finishing times. When everyone was training for OIM last year, I saw a lot of people lower their goal times based on their speed times. A lot of people ended up dissappointed on race day. The times I was running the 400m repeats means I should finish closer to 2:30 but my lsd times are nowhere near that. I like speedwork and want to keep working at it, but I'm not raising my expectations.


  • At 9:39 PM, Blogger Deb said…

    wow, the weather is unbelievable this year! so great that you can actually go for a bike ride in Feb!

  • At 7:32 PM, Blogger The Servant said…

    Looks like there is as much snow there as in Fredericton.... Well until we got dumped on today. I love mild winters.


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