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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Back in the game

Wednesday I ran 4km, nice and slow. I was still a bit worried after Sunday's bonk so I just wanted to take it easy and start running. It was really cold out but I finished it and felt ok. On Thursday I rode the stationary bike for an hour. No high resistance just warm up, 5 resistance for 45 minutes and cool down.

Sunday - I ran 9km today, again nice and easy (average pace 8:20/km). I had a cramp for the first 5km but that may be because I over-indulged in Christmas celebrations last night or because I tried oatmeal before running for the first time this morning. I felt really good though - I could have run further. I really needed that today!

I spoke to a friend that has done GWN a few times this week and he has assured me that I can do this. He told me that he knows I can swim that far and we'll train for the bike ride. As far as the run (the part that really scares me), he says you can just walk it if you have to - lots of people do. I really needed to hear that. I'm still on for trying to finish this race.


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