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Monday, October 03, 2005

Sunday "Run" for the Cure

Since it's taper week we decided it would be nice to do the CIBC Run for the Cure 5km as a family with our 6 year old. He did this event last year, completed the Beat Bethoven 4km and the Kids Death Race 5km trail run so we know he can do the distance. After our usual rush to get out the door on time we arrive. As usual the stadium is chaos because this event has over 13,000 participants. The start is very crowded and there was no seperation of walkers and runners so there are runners everywhere trying to get around walkers (hmmmm wonder if I should mention this to the organizers? I know it's a fun run but it's not "fun" trying to run when you're surrounded by walkers). Our little guy does well for about a 1/2 km and then decides he doesn't want to do this today. Lawrence carries him on his shoulders, while he is running, for a bit but then decides with 1 week until the marathon he can't risk an injury. So we walk for about 4km listening to whining and crying, and how we are "damaging his legs". I'm sure other people looked at this little guy (he is pretty small for his age) crying and thought we were really mean parents expecting him to do this. He made it and has made an AMAZING recovery. So my 5km taper run turned into a walk.

It was a little scary because my shins were still hurting later. No one wants pain 6 days before a race. Put some ice on them for a while last night. Tomorrow I get my first sports massage - hopefully that works out some of the pain.


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