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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday's LSD (long slow distance)

18km training run this morning. This was the second week I completed this distance. The weather was perfect - sun was shining, temperature was about 6 C at the start. My finishing time was about 2hrs 37mins. Had a lot of time to think since I did this one on my own and my MP3 battery died after 25mins (isn't that always the way).

Every time I do a long run I can't help but think how far I've come. Six months ago I was doing 5kms for my long runs. Today I felt pretty strong and didn't have as many pains on the way back so I know every long run I'm improving.

Only 3 weeks until the half marathon.


  • At 9:55 AM, Blogger The Servant said…

    Wow congrats. You have a truly motivational story and you have definitely come a long way. That must be so exciting. Good luck with the half marathon.
    I have never run with a MP3 player, so my mind always wanders when I'm out for my run.


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