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Monday, November 28, 2005

Where does the time go??

Again I haven't posted in a while. Nothing to write (home) about last week. I ran 7km on Sunday - a little slower than the last couple of long runs but I was suffering from pain in my shins. The pain started a few weeks ago, and I know it's the sign that it's time for new shoes but I didn't listen. Finally it was bad enough that I was icing everyday. It felt like I just bought these shoes but when I think about it, I bought them right before I started training for the half marathon in August which means they are 4 months old. I know shoes should last about 6 months, but when you're a 180lb runner you tend to crush the cushioning faster than the average 110lb runner. Skipped running on Tuesday and spent my time shoe shopping instead. Bought some Saucony trail shoes - hopefully these will give me a little extra grip over the winter.

I didn't run on Wednesday because my shins were still really sore and it was parent/teacher conference night. I was talking to a friend that suggested I really focus on core body strength over the winter. He said push-ups and sit-ups every day. The first day I did about 10 push-ups, but I can only go down about half way, and 20 crunches. My upper body hurt for about 3 days so I'm way off the "every day" program but I'm going to try to keep doing some as often as I can.

I did run 6.3 km on Sunday and had a good average time (7:39/km) but my legs felt really tired. It was just one of those runs where you drag yourself for every step.

I'm still looking to fit in some time at the pool, I need a day added to my weekends :0)


  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger Running~Jordan said…

    I started doing push ups a while back when the commercials came on during whatever show I was vegging out to.

    I got up to about 30 but I'd be surprised now if I could do 5.

    You can also mix it up with the plank pose and reverse crunches if you get bored!


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