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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Can I really do this?

I couldn't get out to run during the week so Wednesday I did 1hr on the stationary bike and Friday I also an hour but increased the resistance every 5 minutes to the top and down again.

On Sunday I decided to brave the -23 and get my scheduled 9km lsd in. I wore my normal winter running gear and felt pretty good for the first 3km. Then suddenly (and coincidentally when the battery in mp3 died) my legs felt really fatigued. Of course by now I was 3.5 km away from my house and had to get back. I did the best I could to keep going but ended up doing about 1 and 1s. The batteries died in my Garmin as well. When I got home I was freezing - my legs were bright red and my eyelashes were frozen; I also had a headache. I had a bath and a cup of tea like normal, but when I went to get out of the tub I got really dizzy and had no energy. I tried to make it to my bed to lay down but just couldn't do it - I layed down in the middle of the hallway and called Lawrence to help. He helped me up and I got in to bed. He brought me chocolate milk, water, apple, a bun, and a motrin. I drank and ate as much as I could and then started to feel better. 15 minutes later I was up and still took my son to the Christmas party. It was scary to bonk like that. I thought at the time that my legs were tired because of the bike on Friday and I kept telling myself that I have to learn to run when my legs feel like that because that is exactly what they feel like in a triathlon after the bike.

On that run and since then I have really been doubting my ability to do the half ironman this year. I know that fear is a natural part of challenging yourself, but part of me thinks it's too early for a race this big. I've only done 1 half marathon and my time is almost 3 hours. How am I going to manage that after swimming 2km and biking 90? It's too early to make any decisions, but I don't know if my schedule will allow for the training I need or if I really can do this. I'm also going back to University part time in January. If anyone is reading and has an inspiring story-I could use one right about now. Am I just doubting myself or is it really too much too soon?


  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger Running~Jordan said…

    I've decided to focus only on short term goals. The future seems daunting, but I believe you can accomplish it with sticking to the small stuff for now.

    You're taking on a lot of new adventures - very exciting :-)


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