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Sunday, January 22, 2006

New shoes + better nutrition = a better 16km

I decided that a lot of my problems started when I switched to the Saucony trail shoes. So this week I went out and got a new pair of Sauconys, and decided to keep the new insoles in them.

Although I didn't eat great yesterday, I did have some pasta and tried to drink a little more than usual. For breakfast I had a bowl of hot cereal with granola and blueberries, my usual cup of tea and some Carnation Instand Breakfast drink (this stuff tastes pretty good and is pretty loaded with carbs). I tried e-load instead of water this week - it worked well, didn't upset my stomach at all.

The result of all my changes was a much better 16km run. My Garmin died so I'm not sure what the average pace was. The victory today was finishing it and still having energy - a big improvement from last week. Although I was tired at the end, which always makes me wonder how I'm going to finish GWN, I have more confidence for the Hypothermic after this run. The arch on my right foot was sore right after the run but feels better now.

Thursday I got my first massage (this may have contributed to feeling better today). My legs felt a lot better aftwards. I'm definitely going to try for one about once a month and already talked to the RMT about a pre-race massage. I had one before Kelowna and it really helped.

Friday-biked for an hour. It felt good - I'd like to spend more time on the bike and go back to running twice a week. I didn't have as many "issues" when I trained that way.


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