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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's a new year

Welcome to 2006! Last year was a great year for me - I exceeded all of my expectations for running and triathlon. Hard to believe I started out the year running the 5km Resolution Run and wound up completing 3 triathlons and a half marathon. This does put the pressure on for this year, but I also use it to remind myself when I think I will never improve enough to complete the GWN.

Saturday we did our long run for the clinic - 12km(average pace 8:07/km). My calves were really tight for the first 5km and at the end of the run my arches were so sore I could barely walk. Overall the run was actually pretty good. I was a lot slower than everyone else (nothing new there) but I did have some time to think about my race plan. My plan for the Hypothermic is to complete 5km every 40 mins. If I do that I should finish around 2:40 which would be 14 minutes off my last time. I'm not exact about these things but that is the basic plan.

Hopefully to rectify the problem with my arches (I had the same problem training for my last half marathon) I bought new insoles that you heat up and they mold to your feet. I already have custom orthotics but I think they either have too much support for the long runs, my feet have changed, or I have managed to flatten them again.

Sunday I tried out my christmas present - ultraconditioning dvd. It's 1hr 10mins, basically a spin class but after every set you get off your bike and do strength training exercises - push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, curls etc. It was a great workout, I must have sweat off about 3 lbs :0) and I felt really good doing it. I got was all confident until about an hour later when the pain started to set in. It's now 3 days later and my abs, shoulders and legs are still sore. If I can find a day of the week to fit this in, that won't ruin my running, I would like to do this once a week. That should whip me in to shape.


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