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Sunday, January 15, 2006

My fastest and slowest in the same week

Today was a 16km LSD. Tried something different for breakfast today - I have been eating some healthy whole grain oatmeal with blueberries, almonds and a little hazelnut coffee cream (thanks Oprah for that idea). I wouldn't say it's really yummy but it is healthy and not too bad. The first 10km felt ok, but I was feeling a bit sluggish. By the time I got to 12km I kept getting waves where I had no energy and had to walk for a bit. I'd feel better and run for a little while and then have to walk again. I took my usual - 2 mouthfuls of gel every 20 minutes and water. The last 2km was pure will - I'd run for a few minutes and walk about 30 seconds. I had almost nothing left by the time I got back.

I'm sure that I didn't fuel up properly yesterday. Diet really has been my biggest downfall since I started training for these longer distances. I think I need to talk to a nutritionist and work this out.

Average pace today 8:30/km :(


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