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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just can't follow the program

Training this week:

Tuesday: swam 1000m. I felt a bit tired from the 90km bike on Sunday and I was dumb enough to go swimming before eating dinner. I was pretty drained by the end. I really need to get my nutrition in order.

Wednesday: ran 6kms (avg pace 7:48/km) felt really good. I haven't felt that good on a run in a while.

Sunday: ran about 11km. Felt really good for the first 6kms, but started having some stomach problems and dry heaving after that. Managed to walk/run my way back and didn't feel too bad at the end.

I've looked at the program for finishing a half im and I just can't find the time and the energy to follow it. Because of work, car sharing, my husband's shift work and parenting swimming three times a week is not possible. I wonder if I need a personal trainer to set up a program that is more suitable to my lifestyle?


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