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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Me-a size small???

Friday was St. Patrick's Day so I went to find something green to wear to work. Turns out green really isn't my colour and I don't really own anything. I did spot a neon green shirt in my closet; it was last years corporate challenge shirt-perfect, it even has the company name and logo on it. Mine was too wrinkled to wear but I knew that they gave one to me for my son too. I found his and remembered that since they only had adult sizes, I had ordered him a size small. Guess I'll try it on; to my amazement it actually fit. It was a tad snug but not too bad. 2 years ago I could only shop at the "plus size" shops and now I can fit into a size small!! It's funny how these moments when you realize how far you've come are always at odd times. It made my Friday.

Not much to report on the training front since I'm trying to get over this bronchial infection. We did get up to go to run club but our car was stuck in all the snow and we couldn't get it out. I did 2 hours on the stationary bike instead.


  • At 9:13 AM, Blogger Running~Jordan said…

    That's awesome! I know how you feel - it's dangerous when you're shopping too. You try something on a size smaller than you thought possible and then you almost have to buy it :)!


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