This is my journey from couch to athlete.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Where is the line between hurting yourself and getting stronger?

Didn't make it to run club last Sunday because our car was stuck in the snow.
Put in 2 hours on the stationary bike instead.

Thursday: I did the ultra-conditioning dvd and felt pretty good. Definitely improving from the first time I did it. I'd like to try and do this once a week. I love the benefit of spin with strength training.

Friday: Ran about 5km at lunch. My legs felt a bit tired but not a bad run. To get back to work I walked the 200 stairs at the Hotel Mac. At the time I was tired but still ran back to work. That afternoon my legs just ached. I think the stairs were a little much. Had to skip swimming on Saturday because I needed to recover.

Sunday: Couldn't go to run club because we didn't have a babysitter. I did 90km on the stationary bike. Probably a little much this early in the training program, but I needed to prove to myself that I can bike 90km.

Today for the first time I actually think I can finish this half ironman. I'm going to be walking a lot of the run portion, but I do think I can do it. Hopefully I have a good race at Coronation.


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