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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well, that's better

Thanks everyone for the replies to my last post. A good email from my coach, and getting back in to full tri training seems to be what I needed. This week was back to 6 days a week, 8.5 hours of training. I feel much better now! Ready to look forward to this race. It's funny how much I emotionally suffer when I'm not training or working out. I know I do this as much for my mental health as the physical.

The 16 week countdown is on. For some reason hitting that 16 week point is what makes you realize that the race is close.

The knee injury is still nagging but feeling better all the time. Hopefully I'll be healthy enough to train as much as I need to.


  • At 2:11 PM, Blogger eastglen77 said…

    wow...just finally got back to reading and doing blogs k, and boy, how things change from year to training goes okay, just as long as i get my ass out the door! supposed to do (i think) a 16 or 18 mile run this week....well, i slept on monday, biked a whole hour on tuesday, then swam 2000 meters, today, well, so far a 5 mile run......maybe i'll do a virtual 18 mile run this week!.....only thing i certain of this year kerry, yu're gonna do so awesome at GWN this year...'cause I'm gonna be there (if i have to crawl and sleep by hubbles the night before!)..and i'm going to be chasing you...and of course steve's going to be there racing on a cane so that should be worth all the training just to see that!



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