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Sunday, April 26, 2009


September 2008 - before

March 2009 - so far...

I had my measurements taken yesterday since I was overdue for an update.
This is where it's at:

Nov 10/08:Dec 20/08:Apr 25/09:Difference
R. Bicep= 12.5:11.75:11.25:-1.25"
L. Bicep= 12.25:12.25:12.00:-0.25"
R. Thigh= 25.5:23.5:23.75:-1.75"
L. Thigh= 24:23.25:24: 0
Waist= 35.25:34.75:33.50:-1.75"
Hips= 42.5:40.25:39.75: -2.75"
Chest= 39.75:38:37.25: -2"
Weight= 165.5:155.5:152.0:-13.5lbs

The trainer was very happy that I have lost weight but increased my lean muscle mass. This means I'm actually dropping fat (which is evident in my bf% decrease.) When I went in to this my goal was lower my body fat, which stayed at 32% throughout Ironman training. It's discouraging when you're putting in all that work but not seeing tangible benefits. This program has yielded the exact results I was looking for.


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