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Monday, February 02, 2009

A much needed update!

I know, I'm really far behind. Don't worry, I did not fall off the wagon or the face of the earth for the last two months. I meant to post around new years with a little 2008 reflection but January got away from me so I'll write about where I'm at now, mentally and physically.

Right now I'm still seeing my personal trainer once a week, and doing a second crossfit workout at home prescribed by him. I know I need to do some other endurance/triathlon specific training if I intend on doing any racing this year. At this point I'm at one or two sessions of: running, biking or swimming per week but nothing structured. The last two weeks I have returned to the ultra conditioning dvd (spin mixed with other exercises - pushups, situps, lunges etc.) which has been good for FINALLY getting me back on my bike.

In December I went for a 6 week checkup. Here are the results:
Went for a 6 week "check up" on the weekend. Here are the results:
November 10, 2008/ December 20, 2008/ Difference

R Bicep = 12.5 /11.75/-0.75"
L Bicep = 12.25/12.25/0
R Thigh = 25.5/23.5/-2"
L Thigh = 24/23.25/-0.75"
Waist = 35.25/34.75/-0.50"
Hips = 42.5/ 40.25/-2"
Chest = 39.75/38.0/-1.75"
Weight = 165.5/155.5/-10lbs
Bodyfat = 32.7%/28.2%/ -4.5%

I was really happy with these results! To see a 4% decrease in body fat was really inspiring. During Ironman training, I didn't see any weightloss or decreases in body fat but I did gain some pretty scary quad muscles (which have thinned out again.)

It was really tough to stick to the eating plan through Christmas, so it was my goal to just sustain over that period. I should really go for another 6 week checkup but I'm worried I'll be disappointed when I don't post the kind of results I saw at the last one which will decrease my motivation. Everything is currently back on track though. I have seen great gains in my strength though! I can now do 20 pushups, on my toes! When I started I had to do them all on my knees. Last week we did the same circuit we did in week one - step in and out of a ladder x 2, 21 dumbell swings, 12 dips (on a bench) repeated 3 times. Week 1 = 7:29. Week 12 = 5:30. I will be interested to see if this translates to faster running times in something like a 5km.

The other week I hit the pool (for the first time since Ironman) and did a 1000m time trial to see where I'm at. I was really happy to see that my 1000m time was exactly the same as last April, at 25mins. Considering I haven't swam a stroke in 4 months, it's nice to know I didn't lose my fitness in this area. The mental side of this is how much of it do I really want to do for this season? If I can maintain without much training, I'll take it since the swim is a necessary evil for me - I don't really enjoy doing it.

So, where am I at mentally? (I know this domain can be a pretty scary place sometimes) Right now I'm at a pretty good place. I feel I have found balance in my life. It's funny, I've gone around in a circle. In the beginning I was happy to just run and get out there. Then I went on this goal setting rampage, hiring a coach and training 6-7 days a week for 2 years hitting some amazing goals and then facing the grim reality of the mental breakdown that follows when you dnf your big goal. So now I'm back around to doing things that make me happy and not caring so much about hitting those big goals. This year I'm more excited about getting out on my mtn bike and trying an overnight hiking trip or two! I'm signed up for my fourth Great White North half ironman but still don't know if this is such a good idea. I know what it takes to do well at the half iron distance and so far, I have zero inclination to put in the work to do it. I'll see how things take shape but with the upcoming Beginner Tri Bootcamp taking up a lot of my time in May and June, I really don't know how I'm going to train for this. The choice is....go in undertrained and see what happens, or don't do it this year. We'll see on that one. I have learned that I NEED to exercise as much for my mental health as my physical but there is a line and once you cross it, it begins to hurt you life more than help it. I am really happy that I followed through in my promises to my family to stop putting them second to my race goals. I know I rambled on during my Ironman training about what is it all worth if you have no friends when you cross that finish line? Now I feel this guides my life and helps me to be positive and satisfied with where I'm at, regardless of my finish times. At the end of the day it's: mother, wife, friend,triathlete.

Besides the tri clinic, this is the one goal that I found that made me smile:
This is my goal for 2009! Have the time of my life at my first ever offroad triathlon. Combine my love for mtn biking with my love for triathlon. I'm still in denial about how much this is going to hurt. :0)


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    Glad to hear that things are going well for you.

    Have fun no matter what you decide to do for racing/no racing.



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