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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Twisted my ankle (again) with only 4 weeks to race day

OMG! I can't believe this. I was trail running with hubby, it was raining so we were walking back to the car. I am just walking, all of a sudden my ankle twists and I hit the ground. I didn't even trip on anything! 

The last week of training has been tough. I did have a good run on Wednesday, and rode hill repeats on Thursday (which I was really proud of myself for finishing.) Friday, I swam for 1:15 but started feeling dizzy and sick after an hour. This concerns me, every time I have swam over an hour - this happens. I tried to ride afterwards but I was just too dizzy and tired so I called it quits. I was exhausted and not sure how I was going to manage the Saturday long workout. But somehow on Saturday, I did it!!! 5.5 hour bike ride followed by a 1 hour run. We put some decent hills on the ride. I took it easy but the last 1.5 hours was tough because we were riding straight in to a 30km/hr headwind. I felt good about it but still not sure how I'm going to pull off 180km ride. 

My confidence was already pretty low and now an injury just adds to my doubt even more. Everyone believes I can do this; it's only me that doesn't believe in myself. I know I'm determined and I know it's in me to just get this done! Now I just need to get my ankle healthy again. 


  • At 5:04 PM, Blogger Shaunene said…

    Accupunture..... get accupuncture - fastest way to heal. Being one who continually rolls her ankles - and yes just walking down a sidewalk - I totally relate. Sounds like you are getting beat up in the training - hang in there your journey is almost over - thoughts are with you.


  • At 1:24 PM, Blogger Kerry said…

    Thanks Shaun! Accupuncture? Really? How would that help? So far my physio has been using ultrasound, ice and taping it up. The swelling has gone down today.

  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger Shaunene said…

    accupunture - I don't know all the physiology behind it but I have found it amazing. One year there was an "incident" with a pine cone and squirrel a week before a half. OMG - I called up my Acupuncture dude and he needled me up every second day and boom I was running by race day - not a PB but a respectable time. I also subscribe to ice/heat ro

  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger eastglen77 said…

    kerry...try almost everything...but yeah, you're tapering, so the rest will do you good....and it's funny how shit happens..did d-race, came out fine, hiked up sulpher skyline, stepped on the side of my foot coming back down the PAVED part of the fracken trail( i blame the cute japanese girl walking ahead of me, or something)..but rest that ankle...train everything else (you can still swim, you can still do some weights, you can stretch, and just listen to your physio!



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