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Saturday, February 14, 2009

How do you fulfill your life?

This post is going to be more mental rambling than training talk. I think I go through a period every year where I spend a lot of time thinking about the balance in my life. Training every day was too much and didn't leave me the time or energy for family and friends. Doing no training left me feeling tired and gross. I have definitely found some exercise balance with my current weekly schedule; two crossfit workouts, one run, one spin that includes some crossfit stuff and a swim (sometimes.) That puts me at 5 days a week but everything is around an hour. Physically, I feel good. The nutrition plan is going pretty well. I have managed to keep with the program during the weekdays. The plan allows for cheat days but I know I take those a little too far indulging on everything I love. I haven't had my weight or measurements done again yet because I'm concerned that I'm not going to show great results. According to my scale I'm now around 152lbs, which means I'm still going down. It just feels like it's a lot of work and sacrifice when the results are slow to come. Of course this is the reason most people give up - there comes a point where the sacrifices are not worth the results. I would still love to see how far down and toned I can get which is what drives me but I will admit to many thoughts of, "is this really worth it?"

The one thing I find missing in my life is a sense of fulfillment. When I trained for races, I had goals and purpose. I no longer defined myself by my career but by my achievements in losing weight and becoming healthy. Now I find myself wondering what to do with my career and feel like something is missing. I have thought about going back to University to pursue a degree. This may open some doors but it's a gamble that costs lots of money and time. It would be worth it if I knew I could get a career that I was really passionate about but that's not so easy to pinpoint. I know I'm passionate about active lifestyle but haven't figured out how to turn that in to a career. I'm sure I can apply my adult learning background here somehow but am trying to work this out. I'm not sure if I need to turn my attention to a new career or pursue personal goals again. For now I spend my time daydreaming about doing a job I love.


  • At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If you aren’t enjoying the process, the journey, it’s very likely that you are in the wrong lane. Don’t be afraid to go back to square one and refocus your efforts. It’s much better to do it now than further down the road.

  • At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm in the same process. My life was defined by my career. I ran, rode my bike and swam inorder to reduce the stress - I overtrained and that made the stress worse. Now I am trying to find another definition of who I am. The objective of every day is to enjoy my family and friends, then the definition of who I am and the future will hopefully fall into place.

  • At 10:14 PM, Blogger Kerry said…

    Thanks for the posts! I'm always amazed that people actually read my blog but it's nice to have people along for the journey.


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