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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Foray in to coaching

This is going to be two parts, a personal update and (as the title indicates) my coaching debut.

Triathlon bootcamp
My idea for this clinic has been brewing for a couple of years. I have done some speaking engagements on the benefits of cross training for runners. After talking about cross training and triathlon, it was inevitable that at least one person would approach me and say, "I'd love to get in to triathlon but where do I go to get started?" It's been an awesome experience to watch this idea come to life (and the timing couldn't have been better.) I am so excited because we managed to get the exact target group I was looking for; beginners looking to finish their first triathlon and have fun. I really enjoy leading the workouts and sharing my knowledge with the group. So far, a very positive experience.

The other stuff
The job situation is still coming together. A real downside to my personality type is paralysis by analysis. I can seriously research careers for hours every day. I feel a real sense of responsibility to use this opportunity to my full advantage. I saw a career counsellor last week, which was very helpful because it confirmed that I was looking in the right direction. Personality profiling always helps me understand what makes me tick. I am happiest when am I'm being creative, innovative, problem solving and do best behind the scenes. After understanding this, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a Flash introduction class. This is a leap of faith because I can't find much for job postings but I'm sure there is a market for developing online learning programs. Combining the computer programming skills with my adult education background should be marketable. I love working on computers and being creative, so I'd like to learn a variety programs and round out my skills with web development and possibly some graphic design.

The last few months has been a real roller coaster. I have enjoyed the opportunity to be at home with my family and lower the stress level in our house but the uncertainty of the future really plagues me.

Last weekend we got the chance to escape reality for a few days with some camping in Radium. It was awesome!! We tried out our gear for the backcountry camping we want to do later this summer. We also got to do a little hiking and relaxing at some natural hot springs.


  • At 12:14 PM, Blogger Kelodie said…

    I wish I lived near you to take your triathlon clinic! Good luck with that. I hope you have fun with your newbies. :-)


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